Organizational body, mind & spirit.

Holistic medicine considers interconnection of the body, mind and spirit to promote healing and well-being. Interim Solutions takes this same approach to organizational leadership and change management.

Organizational body:  People

When viewed as a whole, rather than functional silos, organizations thrive, creating a healthy and effective workplace.

Interim Solutions does an organizational and governing board analysis through interviews and surveys with a wide array of stakeholders  – employees, the Board of Directors, community members, stakeholders –  to inform decision-making for the transitional period and the long-term and to create a shared vision for the interim time and the future of the organization. An organizational restructure may be recommended to ensure that the right people are in place with the right resources. Difficult relationships amongst key leaders may need reconciliation and restoration. A new board configuration or clarification of the role of the board may need to be fine-tuned. All of this can be done with compassion, diplomacy and care.

Organizational mind: Alignment of vision, mission and values

By asking paradigm shifting questions, Interim Solutions brings together the best thinking of the organization to create and inspire a new vision with pragmatic and specific strategies for accomplishing courageous, positive change. Interim Solutions asks questions like these to guide the organization’s alignment of vision, mission and values:

  • What are the three things you think must be accomplished during the interim?
  • What is so fundamental to the organization that it must stay?
  • What is so problematic about the organization that it must be addressed during the interim?

Organizational spirit: Culture

Organizational cultures are created over time, and impacted by leadership and staff alike.  A leadership transition can provide the opportunity to identify parts of the culture that can and should survive a change in personalities.  And those that must be changed with courage and grace. Creating a thriving culture during an interim,  can inform a candidate profile in order to find the right fit for a permanent leader who can build on the strengths of a revitalized, healthy culture.