Trust. Assessment. Action.

Interim Solutions knows that an interim executive must establish trust quickly, be authentic and grounded. The interim executive must quickly gain an understanding of the business from the big picture to the detail – and identify which issues must be addressed during the interim period.

Interim Solutions asks questions like these to inform its recommendations for action:

  • On short notice, your organization is without an executive leader. Should you hire an interim executive, promote an internal employee, or immediately begin a search for a new leader?
  • Your organization may have planned for an executive transition. Do any parts of the succession plan need revision before the process begins?
  • Does the effect of sector changes, such as an economic downtown, require you to hire a permanent executive with different skills?
  • Do particular financial or investment issues need to be addressed?
  • Does the Board need to review its performance, composition, and governance of the organization?
  • Are employees happy and healthy? If not, what needs to happen to bring about healing and well-being?